In order to activate your account we need you to upload an image of your Social Security card so we can complete our review.

Please upload an image of the front of your Social Security card using the Secure Document Upload feature in the app. Simply visit the “Account” menu in the app and Sign In to your player account, then click “Secure Document Upload.”

If you do not have your Social Security card, an alternate form of proof that includes your Social Security Number may be provided such as:

● W-2 Form that displays 9-digit SSN

● SSA-1099 Form that displays 9-digit SSN

● Non-SSA-1099 Form that displays 9-digit SSN

● Pay stub that displays 9-digit SSN

Proof of Social Security number is required so that we can properly verify the age and identity of a player. This information is requested as part of our validation process to maintain security and to protect your account.