Chapter 10, Sections 37-40 of the Massachusetts General Laws allows Bingo (Beano) in the Commonwealth. That law assigns to the Lottery Commission the responsibility to license and regulate the games and collect the applicable taxes. In order to do that, we employ auditors and field inspectors to make sure that the games are run in accordance with the laws and regulations, and we ascertain that all the monies taken in are used for the proper purposes. We assist in resolving disputes between licensees and players regarding prize payouts and other issues that may arise during the games. We provide the charity game tickets (pull tabs) that are sold at the licensed Beano locations. The monies from the taxes and the ticket sales to the licensed groups are split between the Lottery Commission and the General Fund of the Commonwealth. We are required to file an Annual Report with the Clerks of the House and Senate each year by April 1st. This report shows all the money reported by the licensed beano groups and the money taken in by the Lottery. It also shows what purposes the monies are used for.